Plants For The Home According To The Zodiac

Planting ornamental plants not only gives a home a green color, but also enhances its aesthetic value. But sometimes ornamental plants are difficult to identify.

Among many things, you can choose it based on your zodiac sign. Anything? See full summary of the Lifestyle Asia report.

1. Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their practicality, toughness and patience. They devote time to implementing ideas to achieve desired goals. This character makes them a good choice for jade plants that require time to grow and good care.

The plant can grow up to 152 cm tall, but it can take years to reach that height. Make sure you keep it in a wide pot so it doesn’t fall over as the top of the plant can get heavy.

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2. Aquarius

Aquarians are creative, eccentric and don’t like being restricted in their dreams. These qualities make Pothos an ideal match for this sign.

With leaves that look like green and white patterns, this plant is in keeping with the creativity of this sign. Pothos also has air purifying properties and can withstand a wider range of indoor lighting.

3. Pisces

Pisces are known for their kindness, responsiveness, and selflessness. These are the people who will listen to your concerns and provide you with all the support you need.

This amount calls for houseplants that are independent and require little attention, making spider plants the perfect choice for the home.

Along with the fire sign, this zodiac sign is known for strength, courage, and pride. They are also unpretentious and suitable for choosing succulents.

This cute houseplant is easy to care for and does not require constant attention. Rinse from time to time, keep in a well-lit area.

4. Taurus

People of this zodiac are hardworking, caring, stubborn and are known to enjoy luxury and comfort. They go the extra mile for any job they do.

Thus, a violin-leaf fig that requires careful care is ideal for the home of Taurus. This beautiful and plush plant matches the personality of its owner.

5. Gemini

Geminis are known for being sociable, and aquatic plants are a great choice. This plant feeds on water and nutrients from the air. In other words, it doesn’t need soil to grow.

Like Gemini, this plant can survive even in low light. The best part is that you can constantly move them and place them anywhere in the house.

The peace lily flower suits this zodiac sign. Like the Water sign, Cancer is intuitive, caring, sensitive, and devoted.

This flower is a natural air purifier and its beautiful white flowers will brighten up your interior. If you don’t have time to water for a day or two, the leaves will begin to wilt, but with a little care the plant will come back to life.

6. Leo

Leos are known for being caring, warm and strong personalities. So in the house of Leo, variegated bromeliads are suitable. This tropical plant thrives in warm temperatures and requires little care.

7. Virgo

Virgos are often misunderstood with narcissists due to their need to pay attention to every little detail. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why a rubber plant, which is easily confused with an artificial one, is ideal for Virgo.

On the other hand, this sign is caring and reliable. This will allow them to grow these plants that need the right amount of light and water.

The key to Libra’s diplomatic nature is the need for balance and harmony. They are also known to love challenging things and activities in life and enjoy art and culture. Again, monstera is the obvious choice. Beautiful leaves with a symmetrical cut will make the plant a work of art in any corner of the house in medium light.

8. Scorpio

Snake plants can hardly survive on their own, which makes them as independent as Scorpions. This plant does not require much care with straight, pointed leaves that can reach a height of four meters.

9. Sagittarius

Impulsive and fun-loving, this fire sign is always on the lookout for the next adventure. They will always have an interesting answer to a question.

Sagittarius is a good choice for arrowroot, a plant that constantly changes position in the pot throughout the day. The vibrant colors and patterns on the leaves make it the perfect home decoration. This plant does well in medium to high indirect light.