Ornamental plants are still popular. Because the topic of predicting the trend of ornamental plants in 2022 is included in today’s TOP 3 news. This type of plant is known to be growing again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ornamental plants have their own charm. Not only do they make a room cool and green, ornamental plants also create an aesthetic, relaxing and fun effect. No wonder mini-objects have become an important part of the decor of the room.

Returning to the final theme of the demolition of the Pillars of Shame statue in Hong Kong. The painting depicts many screaming faces and mutilated bodies, commemorating the tragedy of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

The statue is not only a reminder of a dark past, but also a symbol of freedom of speech in Hong Kong, according to CNN. The statue was originally located at Hong Kong University (HKU).

Come take a look at the 2022 ornamental plant trend forecast.

A boom in large houseplants is expected this year. In 2022, people will feel more confident taking care of large houseplants. According to Maria Green, plant stylist and creator of Green Peace, “large houseplants will draw attention.””

He said: “As more people start returning to the office, they will be inspired by the plants they see blooming in this large office space.”

Johann Effendi’s Messages of the Qur’an: An Attempt to Understand the Essence of the Scriptures explains that these verses speak of the folly of the Jews who were ordered by God to slaughter a cow. They become very fussy, asking many questions about the characteristics of the cow to be slaughtered, so they make life difficult for themselves.


Monument to Tiananmen Square tragedy vandalized at Hong Kong University

The presence of the Statue of Shame has long been considered a defining factor in art censorship in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, on December 23, 2021, the monument was demolished. For some students, the demolition of the statue is another sign of Beijing’s growing grip.

A student on campus said, “When we break this pillar, we will see that our freedom is being taken away day by day, little by little.