One of the great wish list of Instagram photo lovers is to take photos in the fields with bright colors. Yes, indeed this beautiful sight can fascinate anyone, if the photo is posted on social network then you can also get a lot of likes. Although, unfortunately, there are people who take photographs arbitrarily, not caring about the preservation of the condition of plants. Often you can hear it precisely because selfies spoil the flower garden. So, in order not to be a part of these people, you should first read the tips below on how to take selfies without harming the plants.

1. Know that Plants Are Fragile

Take some time to pay attention to the flower stems, you will notice that the stems are thin and brittle. Ok, so you have to handle it carefully. Because the stem breaks easily due to rough and strong speed. If it broke, of course, these beautiful flowers would hardly eat off the ground and cause death. Instead of watching the colors refresh your eyes, you will see that many plants have withered as a result of your mistreatment of plants.

2. Find a Safe Place to Walk

As a rule, flower beds consist of areas planted with plants, and paths are laid between them. Well, use the path to navigate. Remember, don’t step on the area or bed where the flowers grow, in addition to being able to change the direction of the plant’s growth, you will force the soil you step on and slow down the growth of the plant’s roots. Huh.

3. Stick to the rules and restrictions

Since flowering plants are delicate, there are certainly many rules imposed by the garden manager. Make sure you follow the rules about where to step, where to take pictures, and where to sit. Don’t let a fun photo shoot disturb and harm your plant.

4. Use the stick to get as many shots as possible

Do you want to have flower bed background picture? For this, zoom in on a stick or tripod. Or you can look for a specific corner that can only be reached with a stick, such as holding the stick high until you find a corner that looks like you can sleep on it without sleeping on it. Sleeping in a bed of flowers.

5. Floral Overlay in the Foreground

Want to be more artistic? Continue to use the services of tweezers to obtain flower garden results as an introduction. Stand behind your favorite flowers and hold a selfie stick between them. he is here! Be a beautiful painting without harming the plants.

6. To take a picture at your favorite place, you need to be patient

Usually a special place is provided to get maximum result images. And a lot of people are trying to sustain themselves there. Well, you must strengthen your sense of patience, because you have to wait for your turn. And when it’s your turn, pay attention to the time you’re wasting. Because there are still too many people in the queue.

7. Please don’t mess

What’s the point of having a beautiful multicolored flower garden if it’s littered with garbage? So pay attention to the garbage you have and don’t throw it away. If possible, collect the scattered debris and place it in the available dustbins. Guaranteed, the flower garden would be beautiful without the beds.

It turns out that it is not so difficult to take beautiful pictures without harming the plants? Come, from now on we become responsible travellers, become partners in the protection of the environment.