Anticipating market opportunities for ornamental plants, Plan of Plants has become one of the exporters of ornamental plants abroad. Ornamental plants grown by Plan the Plants have now entered overseas markets, including Asia and Europe. Plan Plants Also grow plants endemic to Indonesia.

“Because my parents love ornamental plants, I got a market opportunity from there. Finally, I took the risk of opening an ornamental plant business.

Seeing the potential in the growing popularity of ornamental plants, Andrei and his team started the ornamental plant business as resellers under the banner of Plan the Plants. Over time, Plan the Plants, located at Orchid Flower Ragunan, Lot 35, Ragunan, South Jakarta, has carved a niche in the hearts of ornamental plant lovers. Plan the Plants now grows a range of endemic ornamental plants in Indonesia.

We are currently growing our endemic plants in Indonesia for sale in domestic and foreign markets.”

Plants have a lot to offer. These include the sale of office landscapes, individual or home, vertical gardens and ornamental plants. Plan the Plants also provides a rental service for ornamental plants.


“For rent, usually for office scenarios. Home service services are also available for customers, especially offices, who use plant rental services for offices and delivery services to customers in and around Jakarta area.

It’s open Monday through Saturday if you want to visit Plan the Plants. Planning plants for sale online welcomes ornamental plant enthusiasts to many Indonesian markets. You can also visit Plan the Plants on social media like Instagram on @PlanthePlants, TikTok and websites coming soon.

Plan the Plants offers a wide variety of plants, from common or inexpensive ornamental plants to collectible or expensive ornamental plants. When it comes to ornamental plants, Plan the Plants bestsellers are medium sized plants like Monstera variegata.