Of course, this is because you can only do this from home. Besides the fact that this activity alone is beneficial in the field of love, you know. It can also be an indicator of how you behave in a relationship. A survey conducted by CraftJack among 1,111 participants in the US found that people who have plants are 35% more attractive than those who do not.

Relationship Specialist, Intimacy Specialist and Sex Therapist in Seattle, quoted by Elite Daily “Plant owners usually don’t realize that their plant care hobby is a potential partner signal.

Claudia explained what sign can show that you are a mature person who likes to be together, is open, able to act (weak), has integrity, can respect living beings and wants to thrive.

These things are then considered to add to your attractiveness as a person. In addition, caring for plants also shows that you care about something.

his a member of The Sill, a chain of plant stores and nurseries, says: “If you care for plants, you can say that you care about something risky because you don’t give a damn about something.” take care of what’s outside of you.”

Despite the fact that the plant can suddenly wither and then die due to a number of factors. Therefore, it is considered somewhat risky.


even owning a plant can show that you’re a very curious person.

“Owning a factory involves a lot of trial and error and requires the ability to take failure well.

He said, “So indirect plant ownership can make you more attractive, because there are so many things to learn from yourself as a person.”