Vegetable plants may not require as much care as houseplants. However, plants in the garden won’t forgive you if you forget to water them or make sure the soil doesn’t have more beneficial minerals to absorb.

For information, let us tell you that all fruit and vegetable crops have to work hard to produce something that can be harvested. That’s why you should also pay special attention to all the plants in your garden.

Here are some things you need to do to keep your garden fertile and your plants growing well!

1. Have a good water system

People don’t like thirst, and neither do the plants in your garden. In fact, the truth is that Indonesia receives high rainfall, but you can’t always count on rainwater. You should water these plants daily.

When the day is very hot, they need more water. The leaves and fruits of the plant dry up and cannot develop due to lack of water. In fact, some go bad, like tomatoes and spinach.

The trick is that you can create an irrigation system that will make your day-to-day gardening easier. If you want to put in a little effort and get closer to the plants, bring a daily watering to the garden and water all the plants.

2. Removal of weeds so that the plants can grow without being disturbed.

Plants in the garden can live on their own, but unfortunately, they can’t resist when someone disturbs them. Weeds should grow near or even on the stems of plants. Be sure to remove all weeds in the garden before planting vegetables.

This weed plant will grow unwantedly. Actually, this plant is not bad enough that your plant should die. Weeds take only a portion of their food and water intake from the soil.

As a result, the plants you grow will not be able to produce true fruit and leaves. Therefore all the plants in the garden should be removed.

3. Keep the soil moist with mulch

One trick you can try is mulch. The cover covers the soil in which you grow the plant with plastic. This is necessary to prevent the growth of weeds. In addition, mulch can also keep soil moist by preventing water from evaporating.

Underground plant roots will be cooler because the soil is not exposed to direct sunlight. Shrub plants also do their mulching technique by mulching the soil where they grow.

In addition to plastic, you can also use straw to cover the soil. You can get many benefits from grass. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it up because it can get into the ground right away. In addition, spiders can live there and eat insects that bother the plants.

Bonus: Fertilize regularly.

Don’t forget to fertilize. Vegetable plants are very greedy when it comes to absorbing minerals and nutrients from the soil. Therefore, it must continue to be replaced by regular fertilization.

You should continue to fertilize even after collecting the results. Similarly, you prepare a new home with plenty of food for the next plant.

If the garden is always green, different plants can be grown there. So which plant do we start with?