Hanging Ornamental Plants With 9 Simple Care - Plant lovers are certainly not used to hanging ornamental plants. In addition to serving as decoration, hanging ornamental plants can also serve as eye-catching and air-conditioning. Make sure you choose hanging ornamental plants that are heat tolerant and easy to care for so they don't bother you.

You can have the following nine types of the best hanging ornamental plants.
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1. Areca blaster heart, the best ornamental plant for indoor cooling.

For those of you who want to cool the room, betel is perfect. This best hanging ornamental plant is heart shaped and looks like a betel leaf. This plant does not flower. However, the green color with a white pattern on the leaves is very beautiful.

2. Lilies of Paris, the best hanging houseplants that adapt easily

If you like plants that are pale green in color and tall, the Paris Lily is the one for you. This best hanging ornamental plant is very easy to adapt to the environment, as it does not require special care. Therefore, maintenance is easy and does not bother you.

3. Boston fern, a simple hanging ornamental plant.

A fan of cool greenery, the Boston fern is the perfect hanging houseplant for you. This plant is native to Boston and can make the air circulation in your home smoother.

4. Orchid flower

Who does not know the beauty of orchids? Many people like this type of hanging ornamental plant because it has many varieties and offers many beautiful flowers. Hanging plants are also easy to find. In addition, care for an orchid does not require special treatment, so it will not bother you.

5. Petunia flower, a type of hanging ornamental plant that resembles a pipe.

Petunia is one of the best hanging ornamental plants. Easy care and beautiful flowers are the reason why many people choose this ornamental plant. Available in many color options such as white, yellow, red, purple or a combination of both.

6. Japanese wisteria, a beautiful heat-resistant ornamental plant.

Flower lovers with soft colors will definitely know the Japanese wisteria flower. This flower is a hanging ornamental plant that is heat resistant and easy to care for. This flower always blooms in summer. In addition to its beautiful color, Japanese wisteria also smells like wine, you know.

7. Red lipstick flower, a unique type of hanging ornamental plant

Red lipstick flower is a unique type of hanging ornamental plant with red color as the name suggests. This flower has thin fine hairs that make it more unique than other ornamental plants. You don't have to worry about maintenance. This flower can grow easily in summer and rain.

8. Purslane, a charming heat-resistant hanging ornamental plant

If you are growing purslane, you should leave it hanging outside. This is due to the fact that the purslane needs a sufficient amount of sunlight. However, this heat-resistant hanging ornamental plant is very attractive with its bright coloration. This plant also grows well, although it is rarely watered.

9. Sedum morganianum, the best ornamental plant of the succulent family.


Sedum morgan is the best ornamental plant with a unique shape. Those of you who love cacti or succulents can choose this plant. This plant does not require frequent watering to maintain growth. Its shape, reminiscent of a bunch of green grapes, is also the main attraction of this Sedum Morgan.

These are nine types of hanging plants that are easy to care for. You can choose green or bright colors. Customize to your liking and have a good landing!