Fertility Guaranteed, These Are The 6 Best Fertilizers For Plants In The Garden - Those of you who are passionate about gardening should be well aware of what fertilizers are needed to fertilize the plants you plant. Your plants will grow better with fertilizer.

However, the choice of fertilizer for plants is not accidental, since it is necessary to know the distribution of fertilizer with the type of plant. It's a good idea to learn about the type of fertilizer in detail before using it.

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how to choose a fertilizer

Here are a few ways to choose a fertilizer for your plants, but again, it's best to know the type of fertilizer and the type of plant you're using beforehand. Here are some steps.

1. Choose the one with the highest quality

Be sure to buy a good and high-quality fertilizer. The goal is for your plants to grow well. Find out the ingredients of the fertilizer you want before you buy. Make sure the fertilizer has the best plant ingredients.

2. Choose the one that suits your plant

Do not choose fertilizers with different purposes. Make sure you choose and buy the right fertilizer for your plant type. Don't choose the wrong one as the results will definitely be different.

3. Choose a reliable fertilizer

Fertilizers certified by the Ministry of Agriculture are guaranteed to be reliable and safe to use. This reliability is very important, as the fertilizer has been tested by trusted experts.

Best Fertilizers For Plants

After you have learned how to buy fertilizer, it's time to choose and buy fertilizer for your plants. Here are five of the best plant fertilizers.

1. Navel Vitamin B1 Liquinox Start

Vitamin B1 Liquinox Start Fertilizer contains a basic content of P2O5 2.0%, iron (Fe) 0.10% as Fe-EDTA, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) 0.10% and NAA 0.04%, which can be used in transplant or use of plants. good for. Plant growth phase, also sometimes called anti-stress hormone.

This fertilizer plays a role in plant metabolism in terms of converting carbohydrates into energy to stimulate plant activity. Thus, plants stressed by bare roots (distribution without medium) or transfer of plants to a new medium immediately carry out metabolic activity to adapt to the environment or new environment. Liquinox Start is very useful for improving the condition of the soil or growing environment. The level of frightening Liquinox acid is very high, i.e. 1.9.

2. Hydroponic Fertilizer-Nutrition AB Mix Hydro J

Fertilizers and nutrients hydroponic leafy plants or ready-to-eat vegetables. One package of this hydroponic nutrient contains the nutrients plants need, a specially formulated leafy plant material that is very easy for plants to absorb. The powder form is 100 percent water soluble, so it's very eco-friendly and won't clog your hydroponic system.

3. Pearl fertilizer NPK 16-16-16

Pearl NPK contains 16% N (nitrogen), 16% P2O5 (phosphate), 16% K2O (potassium), 0.5% MgO (magnesium) and 6% CaO (calcium). Because of this content, this fertilizer is also known as NPK 16-16-16 fertilizer. This fertilizer has many advantages over other NPK fertilizers.

In addition to its content, Mutiara NPK fertilizer has many benefits, such as: makes the leaves of plants fresh and green, which facilitates the process of photosynthesis. Increase root development so roots are healthier, stronger, denser, grow faster, and have more shoots. There are many more benefits.

4. Herbafarm Bio Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Herbafarm Liquid Fertilizer is a bio-organic fertilizer containing organic nutrients beneficial to plants and rich in microbes (liquid). The benefits of HerbalPharm are varied. Made from medicinal plants and spices processed with by-products of the herbal medicine industry. Processed with a complex biological process (BCP). It contains macro- and microelements necessary for plants. Contains humic acid, fulvic acid and plant hormones. It contains microbial bio-fertilizer, which plays a very important role in the fixation and absorption of nutrients by plants.

5. Goat dung fertilizer

Goat manure fertilizers are in the form of round granules that are difficult to physically break down. Goat manure is recommended to be composted before use until the fertilizer has matured. Characteristics of ripe goat manure: cool, dry and relatively odorless. Goat manure has a higher potassium content than other types of manure. This fertilizer is very suitable for application in the second part of the fertilizer to stimulate the development of flowers and fruits.

6. GDM Bonsai Specialist Organic Fertilizer

Bonsai is one of the popular ornamental plants, which is looked after by factory workers. Care of bonsai plants requires more attention, especially when choosing fertilizers. GDM Organic Fertilizer contains fresh organic ingredients such as seaweed, animal fat, algae, organic waste and bacteria, which are suitable for bonsai plants.

This GDM fertilizer for bonsai can accelerate the growth of new shoots, keep flowers vibrant, and make plants more disease resistant. In addition to bonsai, this fertilizer is also suitable for other ornamental plants.

These were 6 types of fertilizers that are very useful for plants. For more details, you would be better off consulting with a plant specialist before using it on your plants. May you be successful!