Prices for essential goods rose ahead of the New Year 

Even in some areas, the price of chili is almost equal to the price of beef, or about 100,000 rupees per kilogram (kg).

Several parties have complained about rising prices for these basic commodities. One of them is the story of a chili pepper farmer from Zula, Sukabumi district, West Java.

He acknowledged that one of the reasons for the increase in prices at the current level of traders is also an increase in demand for Christmas 2021 and New Year 2021.

“First of all, this increase is due to increased demand for New Year and Christmas,” he said on Wednesday (December 29, 2021) when contacted by

In addition to this increase, he acknowledged that this time the harvest was also affected by the weather. Zuul admits that because of the long rains, his group often faces crop failures.

“During the rainy season, many chili farmers were unable to harvest, and there will be production difficulties,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to him, at the agricultural level it is connected only with the amount of production. If this applies to pricing, it does not depend on the farmers.

“At the farmer level, you can’t play on price. Those who raise and lower prices are usually top-tier collectors,” he said.

The public was shocked by the rise in food prices at the end of 2021. On average, food prices have risen by 0.55% since November 2021, beating the Bank of Indonesia (BI) forecast by 0.49% in December 2021.

Prices for chili peppers, chicken eggs, meat and vegetable oil rose sharply. According to information from Strategic Food Prices (PIHPS), chili pepper prices showed the highest increase.

Red pepper rose by 130.97% to Rs 86,500 per kg, green pepper rose by 54.71% to Rs 57,400 per kg in a month.

While vegetable oil rose by 7.43%, sugar by 0.76%, fresh chicken meat by 1.42% and chicken eggs by 3.56%.