9 Types Of Aquascaping Plants That Are Easiest To Care For - Aquascaping is the art of organizing and arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and trees in an aquarium. In simple words, aquascaping is “gardening” in the water. There are many things to consider in Aquascape. For example, what style of aquascape you will be using, hardscape elements (rocks, corals and corals), the aquarium and its location, and many other aspects. However, everyone will agree that the most important thing is the plants in the aquascape.

Like land plants, plants in an aquascape require CO2 for photosynthesis. Without CO2, plants would not be able to grow normally. In fact, there are plants that can grow without CO2. However, these plants require a more complex aquarium balance and require a lot of maintenance.

9 types of aquascaping plants that are easy to grow

If you're new to this hobby, it's best to choose a plant that's easy to grow and doesn't require any extra care. This allows you to step forward and learn slowly.

Although some of these types of plants are not a hassle to maintain, you still need to pay attention to the substrate and lighting. The substrate is the soil in the aquarium that supplies the plants with nutrients. Whereas light is the source of energy that completes the process of photosynthesis in aquascaping plants. Both will be discussed in the next BookReview article.

1. Java moss, does not require complex care.

Java moss is one of the most common aquascaping plants. Plants of bright green color do not require complex care. Java moss is a hardy plant that does not die easily.

Java Moss grows best in well circulating water in the temperature range of 21-24°C. This is a type of plant that is ideal for beginners as it does not require special lighting.

2. Liliopsis, a beautiful aquarium foreground carpet

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is similar to a ground grass. This is a type of plant that is very suitable for aquarium mats and foregrounds. Liliopsis is a suitable plant for beginners and is relatively easy to care for.

This aquarium plant can grow up to 5cm tall. If you want to link Liolaopsis with other aquascaping plants, you should prune regularly. Otherwise, lilaopsis will grow rapidly and "colonize" other inhabitants of the aquarium.

3. A pygmy baby's teardrop, its tiny leaves make it a favorite of aquascrapers.

Pygmy baby tears or Hemiantus callitrichoides are native to Cuba and are the smallest aquarium plant species. This plant was only introduced to the aquascape in the 2000s. However, its bushy nature, short stature and small leaves make it a preferred choice as a carpet and foreground.

Even though it is maintenance free, Dwarf Baby Tears requires bright lighting. If he does not have enough light, he will move up and look for a source of light.

4. Water wisteria, fast growing and easy to care for

Water wisteria or Hygrophila diformis is a plant native to and around India. This aquarium plant usually grows in shallow water during the rainy season. Water wisteria can grow quickly and are relatively easy to care for. In fact, with a balanced combination, these plants can grow without excess CO2. Water wisteria is perfect as an aquarium carpet.

5. Amazonian sword, perfect for the background

As the name suggests, the leaves of this plant are shaped like a sword. The Amazonian sword is a widely used aquascaping plant. Caring for this plant is quite simple. Grows at a temperature of 22-28°C in moderate light.

Due to the nature of its broad and long leaves, many aquascapers carry this plant on their back. There are many different types of Amazon swords. Some have thin leaves, others have wide ones.

6. The African water fern is easy to care for, although it requires bright lighting.

The African water fern, or Bolbitis huedeloti, is a great plant for beginners. This plant adheres better to snags than to the substrate. Once it starts growing, it is relatively easy to care for. The growth rate of this plant is very slow.

The African water fern needs a lot of bright light. This aquascape plant is quite large, so it is not suitable for small aquariums, let alone Nano.

7. Java fern, one of the ideal plants for aquascaping beginners

The Java fern, or Microsorum pteropus, is an ideal type of aquascape plant for beginners. The reason is that this plant, which grows in Southeast Asia, does not require special care. It does not require any special substrate, fertilizer or additional CO2. Under ideal conditions, the Java fern will grow quickly and vigorously.

The Java fern uses its leaves to absorb nutrients. Therefore, it would be best if you grow it in hard ground such as wood and stone rather than bury it in a substrate.

8. Monte Carlo, light dependent carpet plant.


This plant is one of the favorites of aqua scrapers. Not only because it is easy to maintain. But also because of its aesthetics and rapid growth. That is why they are often preferred for carpeting. This plant is quite unique. Its growth becomes even greater with prolonged exposure to bright light. Make it thicker. So, if you want to use Monte Carlo in your aquarium, adjust the lighting properly.

9. Anubias Coffeefolia is popular for its size and color.

This is one of the favorite plants of aquascapers in Indonesia. The unique leaf shape as well as the beautiful color make it suitable for growing in an aquarium. Anubias are often used to fill the center of a 15-25 cm high aquarium. The leaves are curved in the middle, and the color variations of the new leaves, brownish red, make it very beautiful. In terms of growth rate, Anubias is rather slow. Thus, you must be patient if you apply it.