Many types of ornamental plants are harvested using the hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a plant growing system that does not use a soil medium, but uses a special solution that contains the nutrients the plants need.

Typically, hydroponic systems are used for vegetable crops. However, nowadays many types of ornamental plants use the hydroponic method. The method is also not very complicated and easy to maintain.

Growing Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic ornamental plants can be grown not only in a large area, but also in a narrow area. You can grow a variety of ornamental plants at home using the hydroponics method, which saves more space and is practical. Here are seven of the many types of ornamental plants that can be grown with a hydroponic system.

1. Types of Ornamental Plants and Sunflowers

Ornamental species that typically grow in large areas can also be grown using a hydroponic system, which replaces the growing medium, which is usually coal-hued soil or sand. You can plant them in pots and display them in your garden using vertical shelves to save space.

Ornamental sunflowers usually live in a sunny area, so this ornamental plant should be kept outside when it is grown. The water and nutrient solution in this type of sunflower ornament can be irrigated by hand watering once a day or by using a drip system to save time.

2. Types of Ornamental Plants Aloe Vera

The next type of ornamental plant is aloe vera or aloe vera, which can usually be grown in water. Using a hydrogel or charcoal growing medium, this type of hydroponic ornamental plant will grow well and can be displayed as a decoration on the living room table.

Using a hydrogel growing medium will beautify the appearance of these types of ornamental plants by adding asbestos or glass pots to make the hydrogel more visible. This type of hydroponic ornamental plant is more drought tolerant, so it can be watered every couple of days if the growing medium has begun to dry out. Use this mini cactus to decorate your living room table or to hang it on your patio.

3. Types of Ornamental Plants

Orchids can be grown hydroponically using a variety of planting materials such as tile shards, charcoal, coconut fiber and fern wood. Such aquatic ornamental plants can be mounted on the wall or in pottery, and then placed on terraces with shelves or hung to prevent invading insects. This ornamental orchid plant is in high demand because some varieties are quite expensive and hard to find.

When treating, it is essential to know the variety to be used, as each species has different environmental conditions. Depending on the light, these types of aquatic ornamental orchids are divided into three: orchids that must be exposed to direct sunlight, such as spider orchids; Orchids can grow well in places protected from direct sunlight, such as Dendrobium orchids; and orchids that do not grow well in direct sunlight, such as paphiopedilum orchids.

4. Types of Ornamental Superior Plants

This type of ornamental plant was very popular in the 1990s. Finding them is not a difficult task, as Supillara grows a lot on the wet part of the creek. Suppler is a type of aquatic ornamental plant with different types and varieties.

Ornamental supplirs can be planted not only on the ground as in soil, but also in special containers or pots containing aqueous solutions.

5. Ornamental species of ivory betel plants.

This type of aquatic ornamental plant has a unique shape with broad leaves and long stems. This type of ornamental plant can also reproduce. Treatment is also not difficult, watering once every two days is enough.

This ivory betel nut is a stubborn ornamental plant because it can grow in a wide variety of environments, even just in water. This is why the ivory betel is included in the example of an aquatic ornamental plant.

6. Red Star Cassava Plant Species

As the name suggests, the Red Tara Taro ornamental plant has a very beautiful leaf color, the leaves are wide, and the color of the leaves is mixed green with red. This type of ornamental plant can also be maintained and cared for using hydroponics.

But this type of hydroponic ornamental plant is best kept outside because the red star taro ornamental plant requires ample sunlight. When kept indoors, the foliage of this species of aquatic ornamental plant can become pale and dull.

7. Types of Ornamental Plants Dracaena

As an ornamental plant, dracaena is an example of a well-known aquatic ornamental plant. The reason is that some people keep this ornamental plant in a container filled with water to keep this aquatic ornamental plant alive. With this easy care, dracaena is suitable for use as an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant, and can also be used as a table plant in the living room.

These are seven types of ornamental plants that can be grown at home using hydroponics. Don’t forget to try growing your chosen hydroponic plants at home now!