Decorating the house with plants is a habit of many people. The plants used are of different types, one of which is different types of shrubs. The color of this plant species is bright and beautiful, making your home more beautiful.

Shrubs are types of plants that grow about 5-6 meters above the ground. Care is not very difficult. You just water it every day and actually cut off the stems that start to grow.

Types of shrubs for decorating household plots

The advantage of shrubs is a beautiful color. However, there are also shrubs with unique forms. Here are the types of shrubs you can choose from:

1. Banga First

It is a shrub plant most often used for home decoration. Ashoka flowers consist of inflorescences of small red flowers collected on a large stem. The proboscis is very strong and cannot easily move in the wind or be taken by animals.

Since this plant is a flowering plant, it must be watered regularly to ensure sufficient groundwater. Don't forget to prune ugly stems.

2. Ramboza Mini

This plant is also very famous for home decoration. Many people plant mini rambos in their small home gardens to create a special accent. Mini Rambosa has beautiful white flowers.

This is not the only advantage. There are different types of sashes available on the Mini Rambosa market. Some have green, yellow and golden leaves.

3. Philodendron

Another type of shrub to choose from is the Philodendron. This plant may be an option for those of you who don't have much land in the house. Philodendron is usually planted in pots and placed around the front door of the house. However, you can also place it if it still gets enough sunlight.

4. Lily Paris

Parisian lily shrubs are commonly used as ornamental plants placed in gardens or in hanging pots. However, many people also use the Paris lily as a border plant. Despite the name Paris lily, this plant is native to South Africa.

The Lily of Paris can also be used as a table decoration. Not too tall leaf shape and bright colors can make your table more attractive.

5. Mirten

For those of you who love bonsai, merton plants are perfect for filling your home page. Myrten bonsai have stiff stems that make a strong accent for smaller plants. The branches also show solid green leaves, but are sometimes pale green.

Leaf growth is very fast. If it's a little thick, you can trim it a little. Merten can be used as a decoration in the house even for small plants.

6. Squirrel Tail

This herbaceous plant is often chosen for its unique shape. As the name suggests, the "squirrel tail" plant has a similar shape to a squirrel's tail. The shape is elongated, the leaves are slightly rough.

You must be especially careful with this plant as it is very easy to break. With proper care, squirrel tails can grow up to a meter in height.

7. Hibiscus

This shrub plant is also a favorite of many people who have slightly larger gardens. The color of hibiscus flowers is bright red, which will surely decorate your home. Hibiscus is also very suitable for the climate of Indonesia where there is a lot of sunshine. You can place it next to the sap flower to add beauty to your home.

8. Flower of the nation

For those who want to give a white accent, this type of jasmine flower is a good substitute. The country flower flower is the nickname of this jasmine flower because it has a white color which signifies purity and purity. This type of flower has a distinctive fragrance that will refresh your garden.

9. Bromeliad


This shrub is a natural garden decoration. You may have seen it at various tourist attractions or other public places. The shape of the flower is similar to a pineapple with a combination of red and green.

In fact, bromeliads can reach 10 meters in length. However, this plant is still a shrub because you will need to prune it if you want to make it ornamental. Today, many hang bromeliads from wires or other plants.

10. Bombay tomorrow

These bright red and white flowers are also beautiful shrubs. Bombay silk plants can be planted in pots or spread out in the garden. This plant requires special care, as the silk bombay loves moist soil. To do this, it must be washed regularly with plenty of water.

It is a selection of shrubs that can be used as a home garden decoration. So which plants are right for your home?